Monday, May 10, 2010

Ask and I shall tell

Sometimes, you have to ask people what's wrong to really find out what's wrong. And sometimes that means bugging the heck out of them until they tell you. Or showing them you love them so that they trust you and then tell you.

Sometimes life sucks. Everyone knows that. And sometimes you need someone to break down the walls you put up...especially when you are stubborn and not always willingly forthcoming, like me. But when you find someone who can help you break the walls down, and make sure you know that everything will be OK, it's amazing. And I'm lucky enough to have some people that do that for me.

And hence, the song of the day is "Walls" by the Rocket Summer. This song is really growing on me. It was a bit eerie at first, but now it gives me chills, in a good way. The lyrics are simple, the sound is simple and the message is about real life. Enough said.

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