Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beyonce - Double time!

Today is a DOUBLE feature day, because one song from this artist is never good enough alone! Hahaha! Beyonce. The queen. Not only does she rock as Jay-Z's arm candy at a variety of events and in videos, but also Beyonce lights up the scene (or at least YouTube) with a number of creative, jealousy-reaping dance videos. And since my friend made me hate the song "Single Ladies," I had to come up with some quality Beyonce songs that don't remind me of her.

The first song, "Halo" will hit you with sweet melodies like an 80's rock ballad. No matter how hard I try to sing this song, it just doesn't sound as good as BK (maybe it's 'cuz she's from Texas?!) And yes, I used to sing in a number of choirs professionally and took voice lessons, so I'm realistically somewhat musically inclined.

I am also a huge fan of the clapping noise in the backround. See Mute Math's "Spotlight (Twilight Remix)" for more of this, more intensely. And if you're really looking for a good time, be sure to watch Robert Pattinson exit a car with an ear-to-ear smile and vintage RayBan's while you listen to this one.

The second song of the day is most definitely "Ego," a title that Beyonce shares with mastermind Kanye West. His lyrics and cocky tone throughout the song really make it a feel-good piece. Beyonce couldn't do this one alone, that's for sure. This song is the perfect playful mix.

And the honorable mention goes to: "Sweet Dreams"

All three songs are GREAT for getting you into the Valentine's Day spirit, which I was initially boycotting, but now am deciding to embrace. All about how you approach things...

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